O-LIFE took life with

the initiation of eleven research projects in both France and Lebanon.  The topics covered by those initial projects served to orient and establish O-LiFE's thematic working groups.

These projects served as basis to structure the current working groups of O-liFE: the water group, the biodiversity group and environmental risk management group.

  • Cana Research Boat
  • Pegaso: Developing Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea Identification and DNA Bar-coding of the Marine Green Algae of Lebanon
  • Impact of Agricultural Practices on Groundwater Resources in Central and West Bekaa
  • E-Flora of Lebanon
  • Air Quality Research Unit
  • Water Quality Research Unit
  • Impact of the waste management policy on the enterprises performance
  • Creation of a Franco-Lebanese Network for Genetic Resources Management and Environment
  • Monitoring of snow in Lebanon (dynamics of snow cover in Mount Lebanon)
  • Conservation of biodiversity in Mediterranean terrestrial ecosystems